For foreign students

Uzhhorod National University operates in the region, which is directly borders with EU countries - Poland (33.4 km), Slovakia (98.5 km), Hungary (136.6 km) and Romania (205, 4 km). It gives reason to believe that the region is a connecting link for Ukraine with the EU. Geographical location of Uzhhorod National University and the experience of higher education institutions leading Central and Eastern European region - Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary on purposeful implementation of incremental steps in the field of education to integrate into the EU, that is a considerable interest not only for our university, but for Ukraine in general, became decisived in choosing the strategy of international cooperation and strategic partners. The priority of UzhNU development is internationalization of education and search for new forms of international cooperation, that is contribute for harmonization of Ukrainian and European education.

Department for work with foreign students works with international students, coordinates admission questions, studying, adaptation to Ukrainian society, works with the local government and the media, conducts documentary support studying process of foreigners, within its powers.

Leading Specialists of the Department:

  1. Yuliy Hoydash, Head of Department
  2. Larysa Firtsak
  3. Alex Kazakov
  4. Olesia Lutsanych

Дата оновлення: 01.03.2019
відповідальний за інформацію: Гойдаш Ю.Ю.