Student Council

Students of Uzhhorod National University are involved in the management of the University through the student self-government, aimed at improving the educational process, quality of knowledge, youth care, upbringing and education, and increasing their social activity and responsibility for decisions.

The structure of student self-government includes: the Student Council, the Student Union and the Scientific Community for students and postgraduates. Business and constructive relations between students and the administration are based on mutual understanding and cooperation at all levels.

Students have their representatives in the academic councils of faculties, College Teachers’ Council and the Academic Council of University. The Student Council introduces the proposals to improve the system of education and upbringing in the university, the current and final control, examination schedules, working time patterns of libraries and reading rooms, gyms and sports departments, scientific meetings and various cultural and mass events which are reviewed and discussed with the University governing body.

The purpose of the Student Union Committee is to protect the rights and interests of students, the organization of various student activities and their financing, the patronage of disadvantaged students and students with special needs, supervisory control over campus and assistance in matters of students’ employment. The Academic Community for students and postgraduates facilitates research, inventive and other creative activities for students and young scientists as guided by the Law of Ukraine "On the scientific and technical activities".

To implement the powers conferred by the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" the Student Council consists of the following units:

  1. The Socio-Legal Committee, which helps to ensure social protection for students and a functioning "hotline" to solve their problems.
  2. The Committee of leisure, recreation and cultural work which defines the main directions for students’ leisure by organizing and conducting entertainment events for students, creating a variety of creative association for students with the same interests, associations, clubs and promoting harmonious development of the individual student.
  3. The Information Committee which organizes the footwork on the activities for student council departments by working with the press-service of the MediaCenter of the University and creating a positive image, promotes the experience of the University Student Council and provides information on the official website of the university.
  4. The Committee of physical education, sport and healthy lifestyle. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and contributes to the efficient operation of sports clubs, groups and circles, creating the necessary conditions for sports. The representatives participate in the formation of faculty teams, in organizing and conducting sports and day care as well as in identifying the best athletes of UzhNU.
  5. The Committee on the teaching and learning activity and external relations which promotes the activities of students for improving the educational process, and is involved in drawing up timetables and TEST-examinations, proposing changes to it, organizing and conducting partnership meetings and developing interacademic and international educational and cultural cooperation. The Student Union Committee of UzhNU has its roots in 1987.

Since the primary union organization protects the rights of students and postgraduates, each member of the student union enjoys the following rights:

  1. The ability to protect rights and interests of students.
  2. The ability to participate in public life and university management.
  3. If necessary, to obtain financial aid.
  4. To receive vouchers for treatment and rest at discounted prices etc.
  5. To receive discounted or free tickets to cultural events and entertainment.
  6. To get awards for active university activities.
  7. To participate in trips to historical places within Ukraine.
  8. To ensure international student card - ISIC.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Trade Unions, Their Rights and Guarantees" trade unions are independent from the state and local authorities, employers (university administration) and other civil society organizations and political parties; they are not accountable and not controlled.

The Student Union Committee of UzhNU cooperates with the university administration on the principles of social partnership in all matters related to the learning activity, housing and living conditions of students. The Student Council, Student Union Committee and Scientific Student Association of Uzhhorod National University closely cooperate and form a Coordinating Centre of student government, which consists of the heads of these organizations.

The student self-government institutional bodies of the University are the equal partners of the Student Council in Transcarpathian Department of Science and Education. Active participation of students in university management is the key to implementing European standards in higher education.

M. Polyuzhyn