Archeological Museum of UzhNU

The Archeological Museum of Uzhhorod National University was established by the Rector’s order on March 9, 2004. It aims at preserving the unique collection of historic and cultural values dated from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages, which was thoroughly accumulated by members of university archeological expedition.

 Early in 2013 the ArchaeologicalMuseum was reorganized and moved to the new premises, consisting of the exposition and conference hall, the cameral laboratory and the restoration workshop.

 The ArcheologicalMuseum assets fall into the fixed museum exhibits that make up the backbone of the museum display and the funds of assistant research materials containing some attendant information, but prove to be invaluable as museum articles.

The main Museum activity is tightly connected with the support of academic training, scientific and experimental research, acquisition of museum collections as well as exposition, funding and protection of historically important articles. The assistant workers of the Museum carry out the investigation and ascription of the archeological monuments of our land and give some useful recommendations for their better preservation. Together with the students of Historical Department they organize annual archeological expeditions to explore key historic monuments of Transcarpathia.

Within the framework of international cooperation the ArchaeologicalMuseum has close relationships with museums and research establishments of Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

 Responsible for the information available:  Moyzhes V. V., the head of Archaeological Museum

S. Golik