Specialized Academic Council

The Academic Council of Uzhhorod National University is a collegiate body established to consider the most important issues of the University work.

The head of the Academic Council is its Rector.  Seventy-five percent of the overall  Academic Council membership is the scientific –pedagogical University staff. The Academic Council also includes vice rectors, directors of educational-scientific  institutes, deans of the faculties, the scientific secretary, the director  of the scientific library, the chief accountant, and the heads of the self-governing bodies of the University by their posts. The elected representatives of the University workers and students are also members of the Academic Council.

The personal Academic Council membership is approved by the Rector for a period of seven years.

    The Academic Council deals with the following tasks:

  • Submitting the Draft Statute, as well as amendments to it, to the Conference of the University working body of  UzhNU;
  • Approving the financial plan and statement of the University;
  • Submitting to the Rector of the University the proposals concerning appointment  and dismissal of Vice Rectors, directors of the educational- scientific institutes, the director of the library and the chief accountant;
  • Electing the heads of departments and full professors by secret ballot;
  • Approving curricula and syllabi;
  • Approving decisions concerning the organization of the teaching and educational process;
  • Approving the main directions of the scientific work;
  • Assessing the research-pedagogic work of the departments ;
  • Approving decisions concerning the academic status of assistant professors, professors, senior scientific  workers;
  • Awarding the honorary titles “The Honoured Professor of Uzhhorod National University” and “The Doctor Honoris Causa of Uzhhorod National University.”

The agenda of the Academic Council meetings is formed by the Rector’s office on the basis of the proposals of the institutes, faculties and Academic Council members. The decisions of the Academic Council are put into action by the Rector’s orders. The meetings of the University Academic Council are held monthly in the Academic Council conference hall.

S. Golik