Interactive Institutional Collaboration

Grant Contract - HUSKROUA/1101/140

Project Title: “Interactive institutional cooperation. History, traditions and culture without borders” (HUSKROUA/1101/140)

The program of implementation:ENPI CBC Programme Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2007-2013.

Project duration: 01.01.2014 – 31.08.2015

Coordinators of UzhNU: professor Ivan Vovkanych Head of Department of CountryStudies.

The purpose of the project:

Overall objective: To intensify and deepen the cooperation in an environmentally sustainable way between Transcarpathia region of Ukraine and eligible and adjacent areas of  Romania.     

Approach of population of neighboring countries and deepening of the history and cultural links.

Specific objective:
  • Protection and exhibition of cultural heritage, creation and exhibition
  • of new cultural products.
  • Improvement of conditions concerning protection and presentation of
  • cultural heritage.
  • Creation of new products in the field of culture.     
  • Intensification of the institutional cross-border cooperation through actual activities.
  • Protection and capitalization of common cultural heritage, of traditions, of religious values specific to majority population or minority.
  • Promoting history, culture and traditions of the minorities.
  • Digitizing of common cultural inheritance in the cross border region.
  • Intensification of socio/cultural cohesion through increasing of cooperation between persons and communities.
  • Involvement of the young generation in knowledge and promoting of traditions, of cultural, historic and touristic values.
  • Education and involvement of young generation for knowledge of cross border institutional cooperation relations.
  • Continuation of activities implemented in the program HUSKROUA/0901/072. 
  1. Satu Mare County Museum (Satu Mare, Romania).
  2. Uzhhorod National University (Uzhhorod, Ukraine).

Translated by Victoria Vovchok