Presentation of international program "Internship in Turkey 2018" at UzhNU

On Monday, November 20th, a presentation of the international program "Internship in Turkey 2018" with the participation of the leading tour operators and Turkish companies "Tui", "Calypso Tour", "Calypso Tour Ua", "Peninsula Tours", " Akay Trevel” and “Positive Entertainment” took place in the auditorium of the administration building of UzhNU. A cooperation agreement between Uzhhorod National University and the leading tour operator "Calypso tour" was signed before the presentation. The university Rector Volodymyr Smolanka, the Director General of “Calypso tour ua” Erkan Chaush and the General Manager of “Calypso tour” Mezhdin Uluturk discussed possible areas of cooperation and the opportunities provided by the agreement to students and the university as a whole.

The Rector of UzhNU Volodymyr Smolanka noted that he heard a lot about the cooperation of “Calypso tour” and the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications of UzhNU from the dean of the faculty and the students who had participated in such internships. "Now it's time to expand the boundaries of our communication. It is very important that during such internships students have the opportunity to gain professional experience, expand their geographical horizons, and also get paid for their work. While choosing the university, applicants always pay attention to the opportunities provided by the higher educational institution, therefore, we are doing our best to open all the possible "runways" to our students,” - said the Rector of UzhNU.

 The Turkish partners say that international internships provide trainees with the opportunity to get acquainted with foreign countries, their culture and customs, gain necessary professional skills and get international certificates that will be useful for future employment. "We want students to be convinced that participation in international internships is safe and unique experience. We are responsible for the students who work with us, because we understand that many of them refuse from such experience because of fear. We are also parents and we are well aware of how it feels to send children on such a journey, that’s why we have created safe and comfortable conditions both for work and rest. We have diversified the job opportunities for students recently. They can work in kitchens, restaurants, at the reception, as aerobics and fitness trainers, etc. This has been done to engage students of different faculties and departments in this program," – noted the Turkish partners.

 Right after the signing of the agreement, the presentation of the internship program in Turkey began. Students of the Faculty of Tourism and International Communication, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Healthcare and Physical Education, History and International Relations were able to obtain comprehensive information on the peculiarities of internship programs lasting for 4-6 months and designed for the tourist season 2018.