The botanical garden in a blanket of snow is especially attractive

The botanical garden of UzhNU, founded in 1946, is a highlight of our city beyond doubt. Its soft microclimate is suitable for growing plants from different parts of the globe: North and South America, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Central and Western Europe. It can boast of unique plants, listed in “The Red Book of Ukraine”. The botanical garden of the university has its admirers, both among the inhabitants of the city and tourists.

It may seem that winter is not the best time to visit the botanical garden, and it's better to wait for a warmer season. However, in winter the botanical garden becomes truly charming. Opening its gate, you get into a winter fairy tale in the middle of a busy city. At the entrance guests are welcomed by red and brown berries of a cotoneaster horizontalis and such evergreens as sequoia gigantean, holly, cedar of Lebanon and picea glauca conica, etc.

There’s no need to go too far to warm up. It's worth taking the opportunity to visit the greenhouse and see thermophilic Indian banana, citrus reticulata, and lemon trees. A lot of plants are in bloom now, including gardenia jasminoides, camellia japonica, eriobotrya japonica, etc.

The botanical garden is a wonderful place filled with peace and quiet in all seasons, every day something new happens in the realm of plants and winter is the best season to enjoy the snow-covered fairy tale of the botanical garden