Uzhhorod National University: let’s change the world together!

To entrants 2017

Uzhhorod National University: let’s change the world together!

By joining UzhNU community you start changing yourself intellectually, spiritually and creatively; your university - with new ideas, projects and potential; your city, region, country – personally, with like-minded people, with everybody.

By choosing UzhNU we start changing the world together!

Tell it to your friends!

Step 1. Choose your way in the university


20 – faculties

2 – educational and scientific institutes

educational and scientific center

Natural sciences and humanities college

110 – departments

37 – scientific and research institutes, laboratories and centers

6 – specialized scientific boards for PhD theses defence

Step 2. Add unique opportunities

■   Opportunity to improve language skills 

■  Use electronic depository library and study online 

■  Undertake internship/study/do research abroad 

■  Scientific Library 

■  Military Training Department 

■  Museums

■  Botanical Garden

■  Biological base «Kolochava»

■  Space exploration laboratory 

■  Career Center 

■  Startup-center 

■  Center for Sustainable Development 

■  Students’ leisure center «Yuventus» 

■  Sports and recreational complex 

■  Educational, sports and recreational center «Skalka»

 Step 3. Find like-minded people


Over 13 thousand

About 700 foreign students

400 interns

Over 300 post-graduate students


146 doctors of science, professors

698 PhDs, associate professors

Totally: 1275 members of academic and research staff.

Step 4. Start increasing the achievements of the university

Status and position in rankings:

IVth  accreditation level

17-18 consolidated ranking of Ukrainian universities

13 SciVerse Scopus

35 TOP-200

29 Webometrics

13 international ARES ranking (among Ukrainian universities)

Step 5. Choose tools for growth and changes

■  EU academic mobility program «Erasmus +»

■  semester-long study abroad

■  sertified academic programs

■  EU program for research and innovation «Horizon-2020»

■  programs and projects implemented together with other universities

■  mutually benefitial collaboration with employers

■  joint initiatives with public authorities

■  serving the needs of the community, region or country

P.S.  Discover new prospects for your professional and creative growth together with highly educated, intellectual, nationally conscious and able to think independently community of UzhNU!

Desire and efforts do their job. The world wil become better.