Freshers were solemnly initiated into students of UzhNU

Today, on September 1st, students, parents, teachers and university employees gathered at the central building of UzhNU to participate in the solemn meeting devoted to the beginning of a new academic year. The event began with the National Anthem of Ukraine performed by the university choir "Boyan".

The Rector of the university Volodymyr Smolanka addressed the students in his welcoming speech: "You finished school, you had great teachers and owing to the fact that you did well at school you became students of Uzhhorod National University, but now almost everything has changed. You were admitted to one of the best universities, and you have new opportunities to make your dreams come true. I would like to share my experience - school and university friends stay with you for the rest of your lives! Here you will spend your best years, many of you will meet your love.  New possibilities and new horizons open up before you. We welcome you to be active, enterprising and open. You will build the future of Ukraine, and owing to your efforts it will become a modern European state".

The event was attended by the members of the official delegation of the Czech region Vysočina headed by the regional government chair Zdenek Kadlec. The mayor of Uzhhorod Bohdan Andriyiv also congratulated the students on the occasion. Poet Mykola Hnatyuk delivered his verses dedicated to this event.

 Great weather and good mood of the freshers who for the first time entered the university not as schoolchildren or applicants but as its rightful owners contributed to the celebration of the Day of Knowledge.