Students of mathematics won the university brain ring contest

Activities dedicated to the Student Week continue. The other day a university "Brain Ring" was held at UzhNU. 21 student teams representing all the university faculties and a team of lecturers participated in it

An annual event organized by the trade union committee of Uzhhorod University showed that university students had knowledge not only in their professional disciplines. Brain ring is a game requiring creative thinking and knowledge in all areas of life. The games lasted more than 4 hours and kept everyone in suspense until the very end.

The third place was taken by the students of the Faculty of Information Technologies. The second place was taken by the students of the Faculty of Tourism and International Communications, and the winners are the students of the Faculty of Mathematics. The team of Olexandr Mishchenko, Vadym Gerych, Dmytro Olashyn, Denys Keshylya, Mykola Danylo and Vadym  Denys won the victory over all other teams owing to their quick and apt responses.


Congratulations to the winners!