Faculty of Foreign Philology

Historical background of the Faculty of Roman and Germanic Philology – the future Faculty of Foreign Philology – goes back to 1966, when it was established as an independent unit within the Philological Faculty. It started then with three departments: the department of English philology, the department of German philology and the department of French philology. In 1990 there was an expansion and a new department of Romanian philology was founded. Thus, the Faculty provides training in these four specialities both for full-time and part-time students. Training at the full-time department lasts 5 years, while part-time students study for 6 years.

At present there are five departments within the Faculty – English Philology Department, German Philology Department, French Language and Foreign Literature Department, Classical and Romanian Philology Department and Department of Foreign Languages. 

The Faculty trains teachers of foreign languages for secondary schools and other educational establishments, as well as researchers in the field of linguistic studies. The qualification students acquire allows them to work as translators and interpreters for diplomatic services, state institutions and socio-political organizations, media, travel agencies and leading companies with foreign investments.